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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I am so proud of our little strawberry patch this year! Since planting the strawberry plants a couple of years ago, we have had weak harvest results. The disproportionate seed-versus-fruit ratio on our small strawberry plants always made such seedy and strange jam, and the strawberries themselves offered such slim pickings. This year, we have dutifully watered and weeded our tiny patch, and now, we can't keep up with the strawberry bounty! On hot days, we have to go outside to pick the berries at least twice a day, morning and night, so that the sun doesn't spoil the fruit. We also have to contend with pesky garden rabbits. (In the past, we were always on the side of Peter Rabbit, but these days, we are Team Mr. McGregor all the way!) The strawberries taste so good that there is nothing leftover to make jams or jellies: the girls eat the fruit right from the garden with the juice dripping down their fingers and onto their pretty summer dresses. It is such a simple, wonderful family activity this strawberry patch business. Now, we wait for autumn to see how our pumpkin plants will fare...

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