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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Hundred-Year Walk

The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Journey is a memoir that retraces a grandfather's epic tale of survival amidst the Armenian genocide in Anatolia, Turkey, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Not only is this memoir terrifying in the detailed descriptions of the horror of ethnic cleansing, but it is also poignantly beautiful. Amidst the reality of hunger, sleep-deprivation, nakedness, thirst, a violent uprooting from home, separation from family and loved ones, illness, and despair, the author includes passages resounding full of virtuous hope, gratitude, and appreciation for beauty. Here, for example, the author's grandfather Stepan savors a sack of dried grapes and dates:

"Skeletal and nearly naked, he dropped the shriveled sweetness of each one into his mouth. He could feel the raisin plump with his saliva, almost come to life, and taste the pop of a sugar rush as he bit down.... Ten minutes passed like this. The quiet was stifling; it was still enough to hear his own breath, his own beautiful breath. Finally, the guards motioned. Another raisin plopped into Stepan's mouth, and his legs, thin as skewers, began to move. Where? He didn't know the exact coordinates, but this time, he knew his final destination.... I have one or two hours of life left. One or two..." (180)

That anyone survived the Armenian genocide is a miracle, but these kinds of violences waged against our fellow human beings occur regularly across our troubled world. It is the terrifying and all-too-historical reality of genocide such as that waged against the Armenians that leads me to side with regular citizens' rights for self-protection in a world where governments often turn against a defenseless population (i.e., Cambodia, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Cuba, U.S.S.R., etc.).

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day (a day early, because Lent)

 melted heart crayon Valentine project
1. remove crayon wrappers
2. smash into tiny bits
3. sprinkle into oven-proof candy molds
4. melt in oven
5. cool
6. pop out of mold
7. we used heavy thick tape to affix our homemade crayon to the paper
8. Happy Valentine's Day a day early (because Ash Wednesday)

Monday, February 12, 2018

In the bleak mid-winter

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan;
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Baby Ballerinas

Claire is the little ballerina in the middle with the very blonde pony tail.
You can see her in the mirror reflection too.

Christmas Pies

I pulled these out of the oven and realized I forgot the raw sugar sprinkles on top.
Cherry pie for Christmas is so good!
And also, lattice crusts are easier than I thought!