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Monday, February 24, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

LUX Center for the Arts

Every summer our kids LOVE art camp at the LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln. The art that the kids bring home from these classes is amazingly creative. We do a lot of art projects already on our own time, and yet somehow the work that they do at the LUX is always original and new and in creative mediums that I don't know about or am only beginning to discover. The quality of the children's artwork is also quite advanced and pushed into directions that they wouldn't ordinarily explore without the extra push from the Artists-in-Residence who serve as expert instructors to the kids throughout the summer. Also, the LUX facility gets better every year: a new pottery building; the facade is bright and beautiful; the instructors more engaging and impressive every year. So impressed with the LUX!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine's Process Art (and Swedish Fish)

The girls especially enjoy doing Process Art projects (multi-step art that takes multiple days and often poses options for new directions: what do we do next to make this art beautiful and meaningful?). Claire wanted to do an art project with all of the New York Times newspapers piled up in my office, so we decided to find some colorful pages and paint them with watercolors.

Then, we cut hearts out of the watercolor pages and affixed them to red cardstock. At this point, the valentines still looked unfinished, so we got out the laminator resulting in glossy and firm valentine hearts that can be used as Christmas decorations (with a quick paper-punch hole and ribbon) or cute bookmarks.

For the class valentine exchange, the boys did not want to exchange our homemade hearts (too cool for school!). So Claire opted to wrap her newsprint/watercolor/laminated/cardstock hearts with satin purple ribbon around Swedish Fish. James added a funny sticker "of-FISH-al valentine" to his Swedish Fish. And Thomas added sticker and yellow ribbon. Valentine Bounty!!!

Triplet babies

"Summer" by Maria

Haydn's "German Dance"

Saturday, February 1, 2020


The University of Nebraska Extension and Lancaster County 4-H host this amazing Embryology teaching for third-grade classes throughout the county. The agriculture and natural resources experts come to the schools and work with the teachers in the Incubation, Candling, Hatching, and First Days of Baby Chicks' Lives. Thomas's classroom hatched their eggs this week, and although Mrs. Garay was ready to send the chicks off to the farm (lots of baby chicks eating, pooping, and chirping in her classroom!), the kids grew attached to the sweet, yellow, and soft baby chicks they helped nurture into the world. What a great learning project!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

James Art

James's pictures are always colorful and cute and completed in record time like he barely looked at the paper or tried at all. So funny! He has his imaginary character "Keven Banana" that makes an appearance in all of his artwork for four years counting. The adventures of Keven Banana! (And yes, James insists his Keven is spelled correctly...)

Thomas Art

Thomas's first people drawings were tiny tiny tiny; and he has stuck to his miniature approach even today. I can always tell Thomas's art from the other kids' pictures because he prefers pencil with discreet crayon splashes of color. Right now, Thomas is creating a comic series called The Nostril Monster (oh my!) and another series called Fred the Dinosaur. More pictures to come!

Claire Art

Today, Claire's drawings have a very comic-style approach with whimsical details that really tell funny or elaborate stories. Everyone seems happy and cute in Claire's art world: lots of colors and bows and lollipops and balloons and flowers and sunshine and friendships in Claire's imagination.